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December 15, 2013


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You felt something soft brush against your hand. Wary of ripping it, you gently took hold, and slowly pulled it out.
It was a sunflower.
You gave a small squeal, hugging it to you. You loved the flowers – they reminded you of during the summer, when you had to sleep outside due to your father locking you out; it wasn’t bad in summer, it was usually quite warm.
‘That is mine, da?’
One of the two taller men stepped forward, a smile over his face. He took you from England’s arms – which were shaking – and held you out, looking at your tiny form, before bringing you into a hug, swaying.
‘You’re gonna be my little sunflower.’ He cooed, stroking your hair.
You gave a small giggle as his fingers brushed your neck.
‘Oh, are we ticklish Sunflower?’
‘No!’ you squealed, but it was too late. He had already began to tickle you, and you collapsed in a fit of laughter, wriggling in his strong arms, even thought you knew you had no chance of escaping. ‘Daddy! Stop!’
He ceased as you called him ‘Daddy’ and began to rock you once more. ‘What is your name sunflower?’
‘It’s Girl.’ You said.
‘Girl? No, that cannot be, da? I think we shall call you, [name].’
You thought and then nodded. ‘D-Da!’
‘Vell, I reckon ve zhould leave zhe meeting zhere for Russia to get acquainted vith ‘is new daughter.’ France laughed lightly. ‘Vhere iz it being ‘eld next time?’
‘Ve~ It’s-a being held in Rome!’
You looked up from where you had your face buried in his jacket, only to catch the eye of a woman across from you. She noticed your gaze, and sent you a look that would have burnt you if it could have killed. You gave a yelp, however, and hid your face back in your daddy’s coat.
‘Huh? Sunflower?’ Russia looked to where you had been staring, and saw none other than Belarus.
‘Big Brother! Don’t tell me you are going to keep her? Why must you be such a jerk? You and I are one, not her!’ she shrieked, to the other countries winces.
Russia, normally, would have turned and run. But instead, a dark aura began to surround him, and he glared viciously at her.
‘You are suggesting I let her go? That I let her go back home? Leave her alone? Get all those thoughts from your head sister. [name] is my little sunflower.’ He growled.
The entire room was cowering now – even Bealrus was scared.
‘Good. I’m taking her home now. No one objects, da?’ Without another word, he left the hall, cradling you still. You still had your face hidden, and soon felt the soothing patting of your hair restart.
‘Shh, I promise she won’t hurt you Sunflower.’ He murmured softly, transferring his hand from your hair to your back, cautiously rubbing it.
You slowly lifted your head from his jacket, and looked into his eyes, the [e/c] meeting the violet.
‘Y-You promise?’ you whispered.
He chuckled, before brining his lips down to meet your forehead. ‘I promised sunflower.’

‘Sunflower, what are you doing?’
‘Nothing daddy!’
You quickly threw the blanket over the pot plant as Russia entered. He raised an eyebrow at it, but when you looked at him and said ‘It’s a surprise Daddy’ he said nothing more to the sort.
‘Breakfast’s ready now. You are hungry, da?’
After, you rushed back to your room, and pulled the blanket back off, grinning as the bud came into view. It just had started to open up, revealing the brilliant yellow petals. You took the small watering can from under your curtain, and went to fill it in at the bathroom sink, before carefully making your way back to your room, so you could water the plant on your windowsill.
You gave a jump, fumbling with the now empty watering can, before spinning round to see Lithuania.
‘Oh! You scared me Toris.’ You mumbled, hiding the can under your curtain.
‘What on earth are you up to?’ he asked gently.
‘Well, see, it’s daddy’s birthday soon. And, I wanted to give him a present.’ You said, gently patting down the damp soil.
‘[name], you know Russia will not be expecting you to get him anything…’
‘I know, but I still wanted to! So, I started to grow this sunflower… oh!’
You both went silent, and watched, as the sun caught the flower, which slowly opened up, revealing the magnificent petals fully, that gleamed in the light.
‘Do you think he’ll like it?’
Toris stared at you, and then sighed, ruffling your [h/c] hair. ‘I’m sure that he will love it.’
‘Mhhmmm… Toris? Can you get me America on the phone…’

Russia sighed as he walked home. Yet another year had passed, and no one had remembered his birthday. Not even little [name], although he hadn’t expected her to.
‘Oh well, I’m used to it…’ he mumbled, pushing his door open.
He gasped as he walked in. The house had been decorated, and everyone seemed to be crammed into his living room.
‘Happy birthday Russia.’ England smiled.
‘You guys… you actually remembered…’ he mumbled.
‘Course we did dude! Lil’ [name] over there, she was the one who rang up us all and got this sorted!’ America beamed.
Russia looked round quickly, only to spot the small child, sitting on Belarus’s shoulder.
‘[name]! You did this?’ he asked as the woman walked over, you clutching something that was wrapped up.
‘You two are friends?’
‘Yes. She’s my niece. Anyone who tires to hurt I will have their heads strung up.’ Said Belarus, a perfectly serious tone in her voice.
‘Open your present up daddy!’ You held the wrapped up box out.
Russia took it and removed the wrapping paper, before placing the box on the table. He cautiously opened the lid, and then a smile spread across his face as he reached in and grasped it, pulling the sunflower out by the pot.
‘Oh [name]… did you grow this?’
‘Uh-huh! All by myself!’
Russia stared at the girl before scooping her into a massive hug, spinning her round.
‘This is the best birthday ever. All thanks to you, my little Sunflower.’
Here's Papa Russia!

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconrussiaplz:
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DownShiftPlus Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Student Artist
Belarus and Russia are my Aunt and Dad. bullies for me. XP
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D'awwwww! :squee:
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But Bela is mah waifu...oh. god.
"EVE, PLIAMIENNICA! (niece in belarusian) MARRY ME!"
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this happened to be the cutest story ever!
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OMG it`s so cute my head mightMy La revenge Russia (Says Hi) [V2] Hetalia Spinning Russia KOL KOL Icon Russia (Joy) [V6] 
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Daw Russia *hugs* 
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